Stamp Duty Calculator

How much will stamp duty be if I purchase a property?

Stamp Duty Calculator

Although stamp duty for first time home buyers has been done away with for the majority of purchasers, there’s still a chance you’ll have to pay, depending on your purchase price. The amount of a stamp duty tax charged on a property depends on the state and territory, meaning they tend to vary at times. Your stamp duty rate will depend on several variables we’ve listed here for you.

With this being said, finding out what you can expect to pay is as easy as inputting the numbers into our Stamp Duty Calculator. Enter the value of the property and answer several other questions below to receive an estimate of the stamp duty on the property, the mortgage registration, and transfer fee costs.

What Is Stamp Duty?

All Australian territories and states levy stamp duty on all property purchases. With this tax, buyers must pay a sum based on the price of the properties they’re purchasing, but other variables can come into play here as well. The government considers the loan purpose and location of the property as well. Different rates on investment properties may exist and these property taxes differ for residential properties in some areas too.

The Dutiable Value

Any duty you’ll pay is going to be based on the property’s dutiable value. This value is taken on the date you enter the contract. If there is no contract of sale, the duty will be based on the dutiable value of the property on the transfer date. The dutiable value of a property is either the market value or the purchase price of the property. Whichever one is greater is the dutiable value.

Is An Investment Property’s Stamp Duty Tax Deductible?

Unfortunately, you cannot claim an investment property’s stamp duty for a tax deduction. Any investment property acquisition costs are not tax deductible, including this tax.

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