How Much Can I Borrow?

With our calculator, you can determine roughly how much you can borrow based on your circumstances. Try it now!

Loan Repayment Calculator

With our Loan Repayments Calculator, you’ll find out what you can expect your minimum monthly repayments to be for a loan

Lump Sum Calculator

What if I was to make a one-off repayment to my home loan? How much will that save?

How Long to Repay Calculator

How long will it take me to repay a home loan by making a set repayment each month?

Loan Comparison Calculator

If you’re struggling to view how two different loans would be suitable, compare them to find the right one for you!

Make a Budget

If you’ve never made a budget before, this is a great way to start! Put in your income and expenses to see where money is going in and coming out every month!

Home Loan Offset Calculator

How much will I save on my home loan if I have extra in my offset account?

Extra Repayments Calculator

If I make extra repayments, will I get ahead of my loan and save interest?

Stamp Duty Calculator

How much will stamp duty be if I purchase a property?

Purchasing Cost Calculator

If I buy a property, what purchase costs should I be aware of and budget for?

Split Loan Repayment Calculator

If I split my home loan partially as a fixed component and partially as a variable component, what would that mean for our repayments?

Income Tax Calculator

How much tax do I pay on my income? What is my gross income each year?

Savings Calculator

Achieving Savings Calculator

How much will I save if I make regular savings towards a deposit?