Owner builder loans

Owner Builder Loans

Planning On Building Your Own House? You’re determined to build your dream home yourself, rather than use another builder. This is absolutely possible if you’re a builder and have experience in constrcution. If you opt for an owner builder construction loan, you’re in control. However, you should be aware of the responsibilities, benefits, and risks..

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First Home Loan Deposit Scheme – The Ultimate Guide

The FHLDS The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme, now known as the First Home Guarantee Scheme, was initially constructed to help eligible first home buyers get in to their own homes sooner. However, this scheme can be challenging to grasp, especially considering most first-home buyers may not be experts in the property market or the..

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using super to buy a house

Can I Use My Super To Buy a House?

A superannuation account (super for short), was largely created to provide retirement income for workers during the years they’ve spent working, and to reduce the nation’s reliance on the age pension. However, the actual use of superannuation and these retirement benefits has changed over the years. Today, people have many people are choosing to use..

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ethical banks australia - good to be green

What You Should Know About Ethical Banks Australia

Let’s be honest. It’s not all the time we think about banks being ethical or green banks. Sometimes, we don’t even know which banks are seen as leaders in sustainability or deemed ethical in Australia. This is why it’s not surprising that choosing your bank with the environment in mind has never occurred to many..

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Home loan trends to look out for in 2019

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases any individuals can make in their lifetime. Whether it is buying a first home or an investment property, many find comfort in the idea of a home loan. But what does the current state of Australia’s property landscape mean for home loans in 2019? Australia’s Property..

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How much does a kitchen renovation cost?

The kitchen is arguably one of the most important rooms in the home. It’s where you feed your family, entertain guests and it’s usually in a central location. All in all, it’s a room where a lot of your time will be spent. For this reason, and the stylistic influences that can impact on the..

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How much does a conveyancer cost?

Selling a home can incur a decent amount of costs and it can be tempting for sellers to find ways to reduce such costs as much as possible. One of these costs involves the legal aspects, and while some sellers contemplate taking on the legal aspects themselves, it’s generally recommended that both buyers and sellers..

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Great Areas In Sydney To Buy A Property In 2018

Sydney is certainly not known for its housing affordability. Property prices have continued to rise and rise over the past decade but it seems like they are finally slowing down with property prices expected to drop for the first time in years. Though it is unlikely to see a big drop in prices, it is..

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Stamp Duty

You’ve saved for your first home, and have a deposit ready. Great, how about for stamp duty? (Here’s a stamp duty calculator for reference.) Stamp Duty Costs in NSW What is stamp duty? Stamp duty in NSW? You’ve done the hard work, saved up and are finally ready to buy your first home – congratulations! But before..

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